About us

Coastal Elites group


Coastal Elites is a non-profit sports-based organization that supports student athletes from as early as 6th grade to throughout their college years by providing services below.

  • Tutoring (SAT, ACT, Math, English)
  • Nutrition plans
  • Fitness training
  • Athlete networking
  • Career development
  • Financial literacy courses


Coastal Elites provides opportunity to motivated student athletes across the nation. Our mission is to provide opportunities that further your growth, on and off the playing field.

Each student athlete will have access to career services, personalized fitness programs, athlete networking and financial literacy courses. Coastal Elites will help YOU grow mentally and physically stronger!

Coast elites member


Coastal Elites was founded in 2019 by Kendric Harrison, a finance data engineer, who wants to help change the culture of athletes entering and exiting college without professional skills. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies and managed business development for Boston-based professional athletes. He considered the lack of accessible information and marginalized equity in education very alarming, since both are required to excel after the game. As a result, he decided to create an organization that would further the professional development of diverse athletes.

Coastal Elites aims to begin supporting students early in their athletic careers. At Coastal Elites, we believe in supporting and developing students long before they apply to college.